Encuentro Milonguero La Cadena Criolla is an international social tango event at a unique location in Germany. This will be the first time that the Art Mill in Veckenstedt will host exclusively those tango dancers who specifically have a liking for dancing tango in close embrace, tango dancers skilled in dancing and creating the ronda, skilled in dancing small and yet keeping a soft flow. It will be a meeting place for an international group of lovers of dancing tango in close embrace, who want to respect the milonga codes on and off the dance floor.
This means:

dancing only in close embrace
request by eye contact (mirada and cabecéo),
changing of partners after each tanda,
respect for the lines of dance while dancing in the ronda,
entering on to the dance floor in a correct way,
social and friendly on and off the dance floor.

Encuentro Milonguero ‘La Cadena Criolla’ 2020

In our minds we had those wonderful pictures of you all in October: chatting, laughing, hugging, and dancing together. Unfortunately, as things are evolving in Europe and other places in the world, there are still too many question marks for all of us to make new engagements with hotels, airplane companies, suppliers, volunteers, etc. That is why we decided to cancel the 2020 edition of La Cadena Criolla.

We stay to be positive and optimistic, so we have planned
La Cadena Criolla 2021!
Please save the following dates: 24 – 26 September 2021.

Let’s hope that by that time it will be safe to dance again in a close embrace! Meanwhile, we wish you a healthy and safe time and hope to see you in about a year.